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12/02/2018Dale Pederson He Is Here and He Is Not Silent
Sunday Morning Hebrews 1:1-2
Download He_Is_Here_And_He_Is_Not_Silent-12-2-18.mp3
11/25/2018Dale Pederson Forget Not All His Benefits
Sunday Morning Psalms 103
Download Forget_Not_All_His_Benefits-11-25-18.mp3
11/18/2018Dale Pederson When Thanksgiving Doesn't Count
Sunday Morning Luke 18:9-14
Download When_Thanksgiving_Doesn_t_Count-11-18-18.mp3
11/04/2018Dale Pederson Communion Questions
Sunday Morning
Sermon based on "The Story', chapter 30
Download Pauls_Final_Days_-_11-4-18.mp3
10/28/2018Dale Pederson Deeper Magic from Before the Dawn of Time
Sunday Morning
From the Sermon Series: The Story - Chapter 29 - Paul's Final Days
Download Deeper_Magic_From_Before_The_Dawn_Of_Time-10-28-18.mp3
09/23/2018Dale Pederson Crown Him Lord Of All
Sunday Morning
SERMON NOTES-9-23.docx Download SERMON NOTES-9-23.docx
Download Crown_Him_Lord_Of_All-9-23-18.mp3

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