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02/04/2018Dale Pederson A Pleasing Aroma
Sunday Morning
2 Corinthians 2; 1 Corinthians 10; Matthew 5
A Pleasing Aroma - Sermon Notes 2-4-18.docx Download A Pleasing Aroma - Sermon Notes 2-4-18.docx
Download A_Pleasing_Aroma.mp3
02/11/2018Dale Pederson Extreme Makeover #2: Livin' Forgiven
Sunday Morning
Download Extreme_Makeover_Livin_Forgiven-2-11-18(1).mp3
02/18/2018Dale Pederson The Power of Community
Sunday Morning
Download the_Power_Of_Community-2-18-18.mp3
02/25/2018Dale Pederson Seeing in the Dark - A Reflection on the Book of Job
Sunday Morning Job
Download Seeing_in_the_dark_the_power_of_faith-2-25-18.mp3
03/04/2018Dale Pederson Dusty Roads, Dirty Feet and a Call to Serve
Sunday Morning John 13
Download Dusty_Roads_Dirty_Feet_And_A_Call_To_Serve-3-4-18.mp3
03/11/2018Dale Pederson Baptism and Belonging
Sunday Morning
Download Baptism_and_Belonging-3-11-18.mp3

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